Colti di Lu Mulinu (Il cortile del Mulino)

10/05/2016 Premise I wrote this report about "LA COLTI DI LU MULINU" using also the news from people of Aggius who are elders and lived the moments I described. I owe a big thank you to Dr. Giovanni Matteo Bianco, Maria Carta, Pauleddu Sanna and to those who provided...

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Fuori dalla Patria per servire la Patria

02/01/2016 The fact that in the island of Sardinia the Corps have their established traditions is a historical data that marked a lasting impression in the collective memory of the islanders. This is especially because of the widespread settlement of the stations,...

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Il Coro di Aggius, Coristi e canti tradizionali

The origins of singing in choir in Aggius are archaic. In more recent times the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio (1928) said about melodies of our tasgjadori: "It is perhaps the only music, among many I have heard, where you can find a millennial virginity, a music absolutely...

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La Casedda di zia Cioja

02/01/2016 In Aggius and generally in the whole Gallura, in 1800, the wealthy person, the wealthy landowner, lived with his family in a house made of granite and walls in sight. The house was usually accompanied by and adjacent or facing room, the latter separated...

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Una bellezza feroce

Una Bellezza Feroce - from the tales of Comunità Ospitali 10/09/2015 "Under the hood pulled over his face, his eyes flashed; from the foot of the short coat of coarse wool came the terse barrel of his rifle, inseparable companion of his solitude: only faithful friend...

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