Una Bellezza Feroce – from the tales of Comunità Ospitali

“Under the hood pulled over his face, his eyes flashed; from the foot of the short coat of coarse wool came the terse barrel of his rifle, inseparable companion of his solitude: only faithful friend in the days of evil”.

After having finished and closed Enrico Costa’s novel “The dumb of Gallura”, Mario, fascinated by the story, immediately decided to visit those places. The book tells the true story of the enmities of Aggius in the seven years from 1849 to 1856 and, in particular, the human and loving story of Bastiano, the Dumb, one of the main characters…
… “Sometimes the devil, as the elders assert, faces the cliff, and when they had preached his presence with a loud and prolonged roller, he shouted three times to the village:” “Aggju meu, Aggju meu; e candu sarà la dì chi ti z’aggju a pultà in buleu?”My Aggius, My Aggius; and when the day comes I will carry you away in a whirlwind? “…
… With a little displeasure, for Mario is time to leave those places, and, during the return trip, he thinks back to these days and the meetings in that small village, but he is soon aware that there will be other opportunities to visit it again and to embrace the new friends of the little hospitable community of Gallura.

From: Una Bellezza “Feroce” Aggius (OT), I Racconti delle Comunità Ospitali, Altreconomia editions.

“I racconti delle Comunità Ospitali”
Curated by Association Borghi Autentici d’Italia
12,00 € – Altreconomia editions


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