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I Ravioli Galluresi (li Bruglioni)

Ravioli li bruglioni, a thin layer of dough wraps around a filling of cheese or ricotta, eggs, sugar and lemon. Cooked in boiling water and served with tomato sauce and grated cheese, or fried in oil and topped with sugar or honey. Ingredients for 4 people: – for the...

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Gnocchetti pasta (li Ciusoni)

Gnocchetti pasta li ciusoni, prepared with flour, water and salt, made one by one squashing a piece of dough against a rough surface, cooked in boiling water and served mainly with tomato sauce and grated cheese. Ingredients for 4 people: 400 g bread flour – salt –...

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La Mazza Frissa

Mazza frissa prepared mainly with the cream lu pizu, obtained skimming full-fat milk. Cook the cream in a pot, add bread flour and keep stirring it until it becomes creamy. You can eat it alone, adding sugar or honey, or as a sauce for gnocchetti and fava beans....

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La Zuppa Gallurese (Suppa Cuata)

The most known and celebrated typical meal of Aggius is the Gallurese soup la suppa, made of slices of stale bread and soft cheese, grated cheese mixed with parsley and a pinch of pepper. Poured with veal, lamb or pork broth and backed in a backing pan or in big...

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La Rivea

Among the second courses we certainly recommend: “la Rivea”, entrails of goat or lamb, spit-roasted, wrapped with caul and intestines, charcoal grilled or oven baked. Ingredients: parts of goat or lamb, lung – heart – liver – a piece of lard – intestines – caul. Slice...

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