The most known and celebrated typical meal of Aggius is the Gallurese soup la suppa, made of slices of stale bread and soft cheese, grated cheese mixed with parsley and a pinch of pepper. Poured with veal, lamb or pork broth and backed in a backing pan or in big cooking vessel, called lu caldari. You can serve it with veal sauce: lu ghisatu.

Ingredients for 6 people: 500 g of stale bread – about 1.5 l of meat both – parsley to taste – 500 g soft cheese – 150 g grated cow cheese – a pinch of pepper.

First prepare a good veal broth, add a piece of lamb or pork meat, it will become tastier and more delicious. Slice thinly stale bread and soft cheese. Mix grated cheese with pepper and minced parsley. In an oven pan with high sides put first a layer of bread, then a layer of soft cheese, a handful of grated cheese and continue until using all the ingredients. Pour slowly the boiling broth, wait until the bread absorbs the broth and continue. Back on a medium heat for about an hour, until it starts to form a thick crispy crust.


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