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Lu Fraili Lavorazione Ferro

Lu Fraili Lavorazione Ferro di Panu Sebastiano is an artisan family business that works in the small business area of Aggius. It is specialized in the design and construction of small works in metal joinery, stainless steel machining and wrought iron. Among its...

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Falegnameria Peru & Leoni

Falegnameria Peru & Leoni is a woodworking of Aggius, in the province of Olbia-Tempio: at its specialized lab, it is possible to make crafts, including wooden custom furniture. Individuals and businesses turn to our lab to request for a tailored furniture and...

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Falegnameria Tre Effe di Fara Pier Paolo

Tre Falegnameria Tre Effe di Fara Pier Paolo was born by the professionalism and experience gained over more than 40 years by his father Gavino Fara. Our workshop is located in the artisan area of ​​Aggius, just 1 km away from the town. Today the sons Pier Paolo and...

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Falegnameria Giancarlo Tansu

Falegnameria Giancarlo Tansu keeps alive the great tradition of Aggius craftsmanship and carries on the family business, founded in the 50s by the father Nando, who continued, in his turn, the tradition of his grandfather, known carver and descendant of the famous...

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Serra & Serra Marmi

The craft has always been a key part for Aggius, not only for the local economy, but above all for the vast heritage of traditions and knowledge, which is handed down from generation to generation. The company Serra e Serra Marmi was born from the union of art crafts...

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Tessile Prof. Cannas

A fundamental part of the Aggius cultural tradition, the carpet is an ancient and never forgotten art that today the weavers of “Tessile Prof. Cannas” promote and lead with a traditional job, in the pilot centre I.S.O.L.A, near the Aggius historic centre. The plant...

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Falegnameria di Franco Addis

Falegnameria di Franco Addis has its plants in the small business area of Aggius. Falegnameria di Franco Addis's artefacts are an expression of craftsmanship, a skill that allows us to satisfy all our customers' tastes. We can please, in fact, more typical and...

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Falegnameria Paolo Fara

The craftsmanship has always had a primary importance in Sardinia and especially in the ​​Aggius area, where it plays the main role in the local economy. The textile processing, but even before the wood one, is part of the traditions cultural heritage that cannot be...

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