B&B da Gianella is in San Quirico of Aggius, an area of ​​the village born in the early ‘900 where the church stood and was demolished over the next several years.

B&B da Gianella is located just in the site where the church stood, a position of great historical interest. This business has been running since 2009 by Mrs. Lucia, who has created a structure to accommodate all types of visitor of the village, combining her love for the land with the passion for the genuine hospitality.

It is a historic house, with two floors and a granite exposed facade. The same material also characterizes most of the historic buildings of Aggius and it is evident in the beautiful staircase leading to the upper floors, where there are three rooms, all air conditioned, with private bathroom, TV and Wi Fi. Two of them also have a small kitchenette.

The great attention to the details and the desire to pass on the local popular culture resulted in the different features that distinguish each room:
Minnanna’s room” (The room of his grandmother), furnished with her mother-in-law’s  furniture;
li Stragni’s room” (The guests’ room), reflects the typical hospitality of the Aggius inhabitants. In fact, each home had a room for guests and for poor people who were passing through the VILLAGE;
“li Cuiuati noi’s room” (the newlyweds’ room);

B&B da Gianella is not the usual elegant hotel, but an impersonal building, a true example of genuine, family, authentic hospitality, where you can spend pleasant stays and where you really get in touch with the local culture of Aggius ancient village.

Info and contacts
B&B da Gianella
Via Brigata Sassari, 12 – 07020 Aggius (OT)
Tel. +39 079 620326 / +39 329 5818743 / +39 346 7502003
E- mail: lucia.asara@hotmail.it
Facebook page: Gianella Lucia Asara


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