Antiga Pizzaria restaurant and pizzeria is located in the main street of Aggius, a few steps from the historical church- oratory of Santa Croce and from Santa Vittoria parish church.

Our restaurant is composed of a large dining room, furnished in a modern style, and a terrace that  in warmer months, offers the opportunity for our guests to have dinner and / or lunch in the cool evenings of Gallura.
Thanks to the talent and experience of our chef, we mainly offer local dishes, fish caught in our seas and chosen meat, all embellished with a “touch of class”. Moreover for those who want to taste the typical Neapolitan pizza, you will have the opportunity to choose from many varieties that our menu recommends and that are strictly taken out from the firewood oven.

The history of the Neapolitan pizza is ancient and the symbolic date of its birth dates back  the invention of the margherita, as early as 1889, in honour of Queen Margherita visiting Naples. The real Neapolitan pizza, also called “Neapolitan pizza VERACE”, must be soft, elastic and easily foldable, with a characteristic acidic and consisting  flavour of tomato,  with the oregano or basil aroma and the flavour of the mozzarella Fior di latte or bufala Campana DOP.
As tradition today the cooking takes place exclusively in wood-fired ovens, where the cooking temperature reaches 485 ° C., which is essential in order to obtain the true Neapolitan pizza. It is important that the pizza is baked uniformly along its circumference and the cooking time should not exceed 60-90 seconds.

At your disposal there is a wide selection of local wines, which boasts only the finest products of Gallura. The owner Daniele and his staff are waiting to give you a warm welcome and offer quality, service, courtesy, and professionalism.

Info and contacts 
Antiga Pizzaria in Aggius
Via Roma, 155 – 07020 Aggius (OT)
Tel.: +39 349 3916812





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