Cooperativa Agios is active on the Gallura territory for years, in the organization and planning of cultural projects that have led to the birth of two major museum centres, within the village of Aggius: the museum of banditry and MEOC (Ethnographic Museum Oliva Carta Cannas), the hub of the country cultural offer.

The museum of banditry was born from the historical origins of the territory that has been the epicentre of this phenomenon for about three centuries: from the mid-sixteenth century, in the Spanish period, to the mid nineteenth century, under the domination of Savoy.

The goal of the museum is to spread positive values for the construction of a mentality that favours the emergence of law and public morality at every level, seeking to do research about material evidences of people and their environment.

The set-up of the museum is particular, right inside the old District Court building, located in the oldest part of the country. It is in the alleys surrounding this building that more than a century ago, several murders were committed.

The exhibition is made of 4 rooms that can accommodate a wide documentation and vintage items. A showcase is dedicated to the bandit of Aggius Sebastian Tansu, “The dumb of Gallura” a man who inspired Enrico Costa’s novel.

Together with the museum of banditry, there is the MEOC, the interesting ethnographic museum that embodies all the richness of the history, traditions and popular culture of Gallura, from 1600 to the present times. Inside there are the remains of the ancient textile traditions of Aggius, but also other important typical crafts of the area, like the manufacturing of cork, granite and wood. Ancient tools, finished objects, photos, documents, movies, are preserved in the museum to transmit them to future generations, but above all to make all visitors know the complex and precious world of Aggius.

The workshops organized in the museum, such as the wool processing, the weaving, the ancient road games, the beautiful handwriting, and finally the aromatic and medicinal herbs workshop are very interesting.

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