Confraternities were commissioned by the Church to increase the public worship, to bring believers to pious exercises, especially the pious popular ones and to help members to grow in faith, encouraging their personal sanctification and the mutual help, on behalf of the tradition enhancement.

The Confraternita del SS. Rosario di Aggius is a lay association of believers.  It was canonically erected in the first half of 1700.  Since then, it has been, and still is, an active and significant part in the life of this community, especially on the main festivals of the Christian tradition, as rites of the Holy Week, the celebrations in honour of the Patron Saint and of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary (the first Sunday of October). Its headquarter is the church-chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the rosary, built on the ruins of a pagan shrine. The lintel of the entry door has got an inscription, O.O.R. (Oratory of the Rosary), whose date, 1727, may indicate only a restoration.

It is currently made of fifteen members, both brothers and sisters, and four novices who pursued the path of the spiritual formation, which will end with the solemn profession, when they will become full members of the confraternity. During the ceremonies and the processions the brothers wear a dress made of a white robe, a black cape and a cord knotted on their hips, while the sisters wear a blue ribbon.

The Confraternita del SS. Rosario is led by a Board of Directors which includes a Prior, a Vice Prior and the Counsellors, in addition to the brothers as Treasurer and Secretary. It directly depends on the Ordinary Diocesan and it has a Chaplain (position hold by the pro-tempore priest of the Parish of Santa Vittoria of Aggius) as spiritual guide.

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Confraternita del SS. Rosario 1727
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