Su Foghile B&B (literally ” the fireplace”) comes from the desire of a family from Bergamo to change its life, to leave the hectic pace of modern economy, to come back to the roots, where “simplicity” and “authenticity” are the only principles to be followed.

So, from the Valley  of the Italian river Po to the Gallura, the Curnis family has chosen to undertake this great change, moving to Aggius, where “the fog gives the way to the stars” and where you can “inhabit the silence of the Moon.” Recently opened, this B&B is located just 20 minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Badesi and the Red island, and 15 minutes away from Tempio Pausania, located in the beautiful Moon Valley.
Bedrooms and breakfast, all in the name of simplicity and sharing, in a style that mixes passion with traditions and hospitality of Sardinia and Bergamo.

Su Foghile is a splendid opportunity to share the country life with Curnis family and to enjoy small pleasures, from good food to crafts traditions.
Guests can enjoy season fruit and vegetables from the garden-orchard of the estate, the grapes from the vine in autumn, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables grown spontaneously in the surrounding area. The chicken will lay fresh eggs every day, while neighbour’s animals give good fresh milk.
These top-quality products are used in an experimental cuisine that combines the traditions of Sardinia with those of Bergamo, recovering in both cases the original recipes of the local tradition.
Nestled in a great value natural environment, Su Foghile also offers a wide choice of activities available during the stay, first of all: the excursions in the Moon Valley, where you can become familiar with the local wildlife, birdwatching and enjoy the ancient and spectacular natural scenery.

Finally, the B&B also offers the possibility of making physiotherapy sessions with the Mézières-Bertelé’s method, to combine physical and mental wellbeing.

Info and contacts
B&B Su Foghile
Località Bonaita 20 – 07020, Aggius (OT)
Tel. +39 079 620584
Web site:
Facebook page: Su Foghile – Bed and Breakfast


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