The singing of Aggius (known as “canto aggese”) a choral singing style that represents, in all the events told, the lives of the people of Gallura: either in happy and sad moments, it is a song of love, joy or sorrow; in poverty and wealth, it becomes a prayer or a religious chant.

The choral singing of Aggius has primordial origins and has not undergone any external influences for centuries. The first choral groups were formed around the 14th century, at the time when Villa d’Agios was the chief town of a fief. Later on, the Gregorian chants became popular, soon accompanied by the rise of the traditional Sardinian songs, until the latter reached a well-defined identity of their own.

The chorus of Aggius “Galletto di Gallura” was established in the first half of the seventies, under the direction of the very famous master of Gallurese singing Salvatore Stangoni, who was so named by Gabriele D’Annunzio: “Galletto di Gallura”, who with ancient wisdom and patience will teaches a dozen of young people, from whom the very leading core of the choir is then born.
Very active in the seventies and eighties, after the death of Salvatore Stangoni, it was directed until 1992 by Leonardo Biosa, taking part in the most important events held annually in Sardinia and travelling on several occasions accross the regional and national boundaries.
Only in 2002, however, the association was officially established on a stable basis and simultaneously enrolled in the FITP (Italian Federation of Popular Traditions). In 2011, during the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, it was awarded the prestigious recognition of “National Interest Group” by the MIBAC.

The association has particularly distinguished itself for having devoted greater preparation and more attentive importance to the ancient and precious religious rites, where the choir regains its highest, most authentic and intimate expression. They have exported and exalted the local traditions but, above all, they have dedicated to Aggius many events, including cultural exchanges, concerts, performances and, more lately, even theatrical narrative activities, thereby achieving also a work focused on the preservation and cataloguing of images and films relating to the previous choirs.

The singing of Aggius – referred to by Gabriele D’Annunzio “as ancient as dawn” – is the most important intangible asset, the most deeply rooted and enhanced artistic and popular tradition of the Gallura area. A great moment of satisfaction was the participation in the Holy Mass singing in the Vatican City on 30 November 2012, right on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the choir’s foundation.
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